Who We Are

Fellow Jews, Thinkers, and Jewish Thinkers,

Whether we like it or not, Rene Descartes was right: We are because we think.  We ponder about everything that goes on in our lives, from how to spend our time to whether or not we actually have any role in deciding how we will spend our time. For many of us, the most encapsulating internal debates are those regarding our religious values and identity. Though we are young, we are building the foundation for how we think and will continue to think about our Judaism: The meaning we can derive from it, whether it can be validated for ourselves or our peers, whether the modern State of Israel should play a role in it and our lives, or just the existential experience of living it. Any conclusion we come to today is simply a Hava Amina for tomorrow. As we grow older, we will continue to build upon these initial assumptions.

So what is Hava Amina? We envision this blog being a place for public pondering and discussion, a medium for the promulgation of ideas and feelings that any person can use to influence their own thoughts and precipitate inner growth. It is a place to think aloud (figuratively), to share ideas (literally), and to partake in the ancient Jewish tradition of communal dialogue. The ideas posted are from the young generation of Jews, those in high-school and college, who are thinking about their places in the religious world. Posts are about anything Jewish, stand alone or as part of a debate, are literary or artistic in nature.

Albert Kohn and Aviva Rosen, Co-founders and Bloggers-in-Chief, would love to share your ideas with your peers! Submit posts to our editing team by emailing HavaAminaBlog@gmail.com.

Thanks to Daniel Krupka and Josh Fried, we have a beautifully managed and hosted website.

We hope to see you here again soon!

Hava Amina Community


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